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Condensate Separator Filters (Cyclone)

Cyclone type Condensate Separators remove heavier liquid contaminants present in the compressed air through centrifugal separation and diffusion. They are typically installed before coalescing filters for primary separation. This optimizes coalescing action of finer liquids and solids by Coalescing Filters downstream. Select the model which best suits your application.

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Dados Técnicos
Modelo FSCS 090 FSCS 145 FSCS 235 FSCS 490
Conexão 1/2? NPT 3/4? NPT 1? NPT 1 1/2? NPT
Vazão (pcm) @ 100 psi 88 144 232 488
Código 007.0261-NPT 007.0262-NPT 007.0263-NPT 007.0292-NPT