Schulz Compressores Ltda., registered on the CNPJ under nº 23.635.798/0001-43, headquartered at Dona Francisca Street, 6901-A, CEP 89.219-600, Industrial District, in the city of Joinville, State of Santa Catarina and its subsidiaries SCHULZ OF AMERICA INC., SHANGHAI SCHULZ MACHINERY CO., and SHANGHAI SCHULZ COMPRESSOR CO, LTD. (collectively, “SCHULZ”), reaffirms its commitment in protecting customers, vendors, distributors, resellers, technical assistants and users personal data when they interact with its websites:

This Privacy Policy (henceforth “POLICY”) is in accordance to the Brazilian General Personal Data Protection Law – Lei nº 13.709/2018, Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais – (henceforth “LGPD”).

SCHULZ recognizes the importance of personal data protection, especially in the internet. This POLICY is a result of SCHULZ concerns on data collecting during the user access as well as on issues related to cybersecurity.

When you interact with SCHULZ, you consent with all this POLICY terms and conditions. Hence, it is important that you read and comprehend it.

In case of any doubts, you can contact us. Further information is available on the contact section of this POLICY.


This POLICY adopts, among others, technical concepts established on the current Brazilian legislation, especially those set out by the LGPD. For a better understanding of the terms, the main concepts used are the following:

  • Personal Data: any information related to an identified or identifiable individual, whether in a direct way, such as name, CPF, RG, photograph and others, or those that may not identify the individual directly, such as email, IP, address, birthdate etc.
  • Sensitive Personal Data: information that reveals intimate characteristics and could eventually cause some kind of prejudice, such as racial or ethnical origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data and biometric data processed solely to identify a human being and data concerning a person’s health or sexual orientation.
  • User: a natural person to whom the personal data refers, also called as holder.
  • Controller: a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other entity responsible for decisions regarding personal data processing.
  • Processor: a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other entity which processes data on behalf of the controller.
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO): a natural or legal person designated by the Controller and the Processor responsible for the communication between the Controller, the Processor, the Users and the Brazilian National Data Protection Authority (Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados – “ANPD”).
  • Processing: any operation performed by the Controller or the Processor on personal data, such as collection, production, reception, rating, use, access, copying, transmission, distribution, data processing, archiving and storage, erasure, destruction, control or assessment of information, alteration, communication, data transfer, dissemination or extraction.


In accordance to the Brazilian law, SCHULZ and its subsidiaries will act as CONTROLLER when the processing of personal data relates to its segment of operations and business.

In other cases, SCHULZ may act as PROCESSOR, therefore the processing of personal data will be done within the limits previously defined by the CONTROLLER.

New SCHULZ products and services are subject to the POLICY in force at the time of its use.


1. Personal Data provided by the user:

The category covers all personal data voluntarily provided by the user on physical or digital environments of SCHULZ, such as sending a curriculum to apply for a work position or completing a registration on one of our websites, for example.

2. Personal Data collected or generated by SCHULZ, cookies and other relevant information:

When you interact with SCHULZ websites, some data may be collected in the background, such as information about your browsing preferences and consumption interests corresponding to the products viewed.

This type of data will be collected through indirect collection technologies, also known as cookies. For more information, see the Cookies and Similar Technologies section of this POLICY.


How data may be collectedDataCollection purpose

When the USER register on the “Newsletter” section of the following websites:;;;;;; (,;;;;;
Send content and advertising related to SCHULZ that may be of interest to the USER.

When the USER fills in the “Registro de Produto” form on the following websites:;; and, CPF, gender, birthdate, profession, email, telephone number, city, state and work position (for registration made by legal persons).Get to know the USER profile to promote Schulz activities.
Carry out marketing research in which data may be shared for this purpose with specialized companies.
Send informative email related to SCHULZ operations, such as product release, promotions, invitation to events, etc.

When the USER download SCHULZ materials on the following websites:;;; and
Name and email.Allow the USER to access SCHULZ materials, such as catalogs and manuals.
Carry out marketing research in which data may be shared for this purpose with specialized companies.

When the USER contact SCHULZ through the “Contato – Fale Conosco” section on the following websites:;;; through the “Fale Conosco” section on the following websites:; and; and through the “Contact” section on the site of Schulz of America Inc:, CPF, email, telephone number, city, state (;;;
Name, email, telephone number (;;
Name, email, telephone number, city, state (;
Register USER.
Respond the USER’s request and provide the due service.
Receive, clarify and answer doubts, complaints, compliments or suggestions.
Perform SCHULZ products maintenance in authorized technical assistance.
Collect statistics and information to carry out studies and training in order to improve products and processes.

When the USER fills in the Seletor de Compressores Schulz form on the site:, cellphone number, email.Get to know the USER profile to promote Schulz activities.
Carry out marketing research in which data may be shared for this purpose with specialized companies.
Send informative email related to SCHULZ operations, such as product release, promotions, invitation to events, etc.

When the USER browses SCHULZ websites (background processing).Pages with which the USER has interacted;
Type of device and browser used;
Internet Protocol Address (IP);
Average visitation time;
Geographic location.
Understand how the USER interacts with the website while browsing in order to improve and customize its functionality.
Show to USER some SCHULZ content and marketing material.
Understand and assess consumption profiles for product improvement and development.
Conduct statistical analysis for the development of marketing campaigns.

Customer business relationship.Name, telephone number, email and address.Interactions with customer representatives (ex. directors, managers, buyers), necessary for business relationships, such as first contacts, budgets, financial adjustments, obtain purchase orders and satisfaction surveys.
Send catalogs, products images, newsletter, invitations and events agenda.
Inform delivery time, closing sales and order progress.
Receive, clarify and answer doubts or complaints. Indicate authorized technical assistance. Register information in a database.

Business relationship with third parties and suppliers.Name, CPF, RG, work position, address, telephone number, email, marital status (Company’s bylaws), occupational health certificate (service provider third party).Make preliminary contacts to the execution of the contract with budgets, quotations, etc.
Contact supplier representatives to execute and fulfil contracts concerning production supplies, products and services.
Comply with Brazilian tax law and labour law obligations, among others (ex. safety rules at work, issuance of invoices, tax withholdings), as well as inspecting the fulfillment of the same obligations by third parties and suppliers.
Exercise rights such as debt collection, judicial defense of SCHULZ interests, etc.
Maintain records and database.

During visitation to Schulz facilities.Name, RG, CPF and Images (photos and videos).Internal security management and access to Schulz facilities.
Protect Schulz property and ensure the physical protection of the visitor.
Register and identification of visitors. Photograph and temporary visitor badge.

Business relationship with customers at the Schulz Store.Name, CPF, CEP, complete address, city, telephone number, cellphone number, email, if it is an international customer (checkbox), birthdate, fidelity card.
Although available for collection in the system, this data is not collected: gender, marital status, family relationship, fax number, work position.
Invoice issuance, product deliveries, maintain registration record, contact customers (deliveries, information, questions).

Possibility of Sensitive Personal Data Processing

Form fulfillment related to Covid 19 issues and temperature measurement during visits to Schulz facilities.Questions regarding contact with people who have tested positive for Covid-19, eventual symptoms and temperature measurements.Health control against Covid 19.
Protection of people who are usually in the Company’s facilities (employees, customers, suppliers, service providers, among others).

3. Data provided by job applicants, companies representatives or resellers:

When you apply to a work position at SCHULZ or become one of our commercial representatives or resellers, your data may be processed as follows:

How data may be collectedDataCollection Purpose

Filling out the resume registration in the “Contato – Trabalhe Conosco” section on the following websites:;; and, CPF, email, bithdate, gender, naturality, marital status, whether you have children or not, RG, electoral card, driver’s license, height, CEP,  complete address,  city, state, father’s name, telephone number, cellphone number, message telephone, intended work position, year of graduation, whether you have or not worked at SCHULZ, whether or not you are a person with disability, wheter you use any device or equipment, education level, course name, institution name, year of completion, which languages you speak, if you have extracurricular courses, computer skills, professional experience already acquired (company name, work position, admission, dismissal, last salary, main activities, reason for leaving, whether or not it is the current employment), profile on social networks such as: facebook, instagram and linkedin, if there was someone indication and other information about the job applicant,  like travels and volunteer work, for example. Eventual special needs.Conduct the selection process of people interested in work positions at SCHULZ.
Proceed with the process of hiring selected candidates.
Carry out the selection, admission and adaptation of working conditions to the special needs of the candidate (in case of people with disabilities).

Register on the “Caderno de Ofertas do Revendedor” – (“Reseller Offer Book”) section of the following websites: and’s representative name, email, work position and telephone number.Identify and contact resellers or distributors for commercial negotiations, making it possible to other companies to access the Caderno de Ofertas do Revendedor (“Reseller Offer Book”) of Schulz or Somar brands.
Carry out marketing research in which data may be shared for this purpose with specialized companies.
Send informative email related to SCHULZ operations, such as products release, sales promotions, invitation to events, etc.

Register on the Schulz Compressores Ltda. websites: and’s representative name, work position, department, email, telephone number, cellphone number, password.Identify and contact other company’s representatives for commercial negotiations, enabling them to become SCHULZ products resellers.
Carry out marketing research in which data may be shared for this purpose with specialized companies.
Send informative email related to SCHULZ operations, such as product release, sales promotions, invitation to events, etc.

Register on the Schulz Compressores Ltda. website:’s representative name, email, telephone number, cellphone number, password.Identify and contact the representative for commercial negotiations, enabling the company to acquire SCHULZ products.
Carry out marketing research in which data may be shared for this purpose with specialized companies.
Send informative email related to SCHULZ operations, such as product release, sales promotions, invitation to events, etc.


SCHULZ may share personal data with third parties when necessary to:

  • Conduct satisfaction surveys to improve products and processes for greater customer satisfaction;
  • Send informative emails with marketing material about product releases, sales promotions, invitations to events, among others, that may be of interest to the USER;
  • Publish material on social networks and interact with customers in order to promote SCHULZ products, sales promotions and events;
  • Confirm authenticity of registrations made on websites or in the company’s registration systems. In this case, the responsible third party is allowed to contact the USER to proceed with the confirmation;
  • Conduct credit analysis;
  • Ensure the secure flow of credit card data when making payments (gateways);
  • Conduct market research, consumer profile analysis, send advertising campaigns, marketing material, etc.;
  • Data storage and data processing (storage providers, cloud software);
  • Issue barcode payable documents, proceed with debt collection, audits, customer support services and exercise rights in legal proceedings.
  • Shipping goods (products and/or promotional gifts) via carriers.
  • Respond to the Brazilian authorities and public agencies (or private organizations acting on typically public activity) to comply with legal obligations, such as share information with tax agencies, comply with court orders or orders from the Brazilian National Data Protection Authority (Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados – “ANPD”);

In compliance with the Brazilian applicable data protection regulation, SCHULZ may also process and share data with its controlled companies, affiliates, subsidiaries and related companies for legitimate purposes or whenever necessary to i) Prevent fraud and proceed with control registration and proper identification; ii) Analyze credit risks; iii) Provide services that benefit SCHULZ’s costumer.


SCHULZ may transfer data with other countries, such as USA, EU and Latin America countries, in order to carry out some processes and operations, such as storing information on international servers, managing sales and resales, etc.

In any case of data sharing with partners located in other countries, SCHULZ establishes in contract the partner duty to maintain standards on data protection and information security in accordance to its Privacy Policy and the LGPD.


Cookies, tags, pixels or similar technologies (hereinafter referred collectively as “Cookies”) are small files sent by the website to the device, which are stored in the USER’s browser with information related to their interaction with the website. This allows the website to recognize USERS and trace a behavioral profile about them.

The most common functions of cookies are to enable and personalize navigation, guide marketing and carry out statistical surveys in order to guide companies’ market strategy. In general, cookies can be classified as follows:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: guarantee the correct and proper functioning of our website. These cookies do not identify you and cannot be deactivated without prejudice or even making it impossible for our website to function.
  • Performance cookies: store anonymous information, such as volume of visits, most visited spots, locations, among other statistical information used for managing operations and improvements of our website. Performance cookies do not identify the USER and can be deactivated; however, the deactivation could affect the proper functioning of our website.
  • Functionality cookies: allow the website to offer improved and customized functionality for USERS. Functionality cookies can identify the USER and can be deactivated. Deactivate could impair some features of the website to perform correctly.  
  • Advertising cookies: use some USERS information and aim personalized content to them, according to their browsing preferences. Advertising cookies can identify the USER and can be deactivated.
  • Third Party Cookies: are placed by partners, such as Facebook and Google, that collect information from USERS when they visit our website. Then, partners are capable to post our advertising material during the USER navigation on their platforms. Third party cookies collect information that can identify the USER and can be deactivated.


The cookies found on SCHULZ websites can be managed in the settings of USERS browser. We indicate bellow the cookies management links for the most popular browsers (addresses may vary depending on the browser version):


Sending an email to, the holder of personal data may request:

  • Confirmation of processing of his or her personal data;
  • Access to the personal data being processed;
  • Rectify incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data;
  • Anonymization, blocking or erasure of unnecessary, excessive data or data processing in violation of the LGPD terms;
  • Data portability to another service or product provider, except those subject to trade and industrial secrets;
  • Erasure of personal data processed with his or her consent;
  • Information about private and public entities with whom SCHULZ have shared personal data;
  • Revocation of consent;
  • Review of decisions made solely on the basis of automated processing of personal data that affect the holder interests, including decisions aimed at defining the holder personal, professional consumption and credit profile, as well as aspects of his or her personality.

An important caveat is in order, for the holder request will be carried out within the legal deadline. However, if there is a legal basis, the request may be partially answered or even denied, cases in which SCHULZ will provide the necessary explanations.


Schulz will keep personal data stored as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected.

Ceased the purpose, as a rule, data will be deleted or anonymized, unless there is a reason to store them for legitimate purposes as defined by law, to comply with legal or regulatory obligations, as well as to exercise or protect SCHULZ’s rights.


USERS are responsible for:

  • Keep all his or her credentials (IDs, tokens, logins and passwords) confidential, not sharing them with anyone;
  • Do not provide information such as bank or financial passwords by email or WhatsApp, because SCHULZ does not request this type of information;
  • Communicate SCHULZ of any suspicious of violation of this POLICY, such as unauthorized access to his or her account, suspicious purchases, etc.;
  • Provide SCHULZ with truthful and complete information, keeping them updated;
  • Contact SCHULZ through the email if he or she wishes to exercise any rights concerning his or her personal data;
  • Adopt cybersecurity measures in mobile devices and computers used to access the websites, such as keeping antivirus, firewalls and passwords updated;
  • Refrain from using the websites for any illegal or unauthorized processing of personal data from others;
  • Do not pay barcode payable documents sent by SCHULZ without first certifying the authenticity of the document, checking the value, barcode, financial institution and beneficiary.


Any disputes will be submitted solely to the jurisdiction of the city of Joinville, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, excluding any other on any circumstances.


Matters related to personal data processing must be aimed to SCHULZ Data Protection Officer at the contacts below:

  • Name: André Ribas Böhler
  • Address: Rua Dona Francisca, nº 6.901-A – 89.219-600 – Distrito Industrial, Joinville, Santa Catarina
  • Email:

Further requests must be directed to the “Contact Us” section on the websites.


This POLICY was written in conformity with the current Brazilian law, mostly: Lei nº 13.709/18 (Lei de Proteção de Dados Pessoais – “LGPD”), Lei nº 8.078/90 (Código de Defesa do Consumidor – “CDC”) and Lei nº 12.965/2014 (Marco Civil da Internet – “MCI”).

Schulz may alter this POLICY terms the moment it deems appropriate. In such cases, Schulz will notify USERS with prominent advertisement on its websites.

This PRIVACY POLICY was updated in August 2022.

Schulz Compressores Ltda.