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The Terms of Use is an agreement between the user and Schulz Compressores. The user acknowledges that accessing and using this site implies the reading, the understanding and the accordance to its terms, as well as the obligation to comply with the current Brazilian laws and regulations. If the user does not agree with these terms, the company advises not using this website.


Regardless of prior notice, at any time Schulz Compressores may review its Terms of Use or any other information of this website, including improvements or alterations in the products, services, catalogs or general information described.

Furthermore, the company reserves the right to alter, at any time, specifications, colors and other products characteristics featured in this website. The presented images are merely illustrative.

The site’s content, copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property altogether belongs to Schulz Compressores or to the content’s owner.

No contents of this website can be used, copied, modified, translated, distributed or used without prior authorization of Schulz Compressores or the contents owners, except when the law expressly states such permission.  All rights concerning contents not expressly granted by the term hereby are reserved.

The user is not allowed to register or use the Schulz Compressores name. This restriction to the user embraces the register and the use of corporate, trade and domain names. Registration and use of another name, indication or description with which the name Schulz Compressores or some other name may bear similarity, as well as any name that is part of the name Schulz Compressores, are also prohibited to the user.

The images featured in the site, as well as the site’s format cannot be copied or used for personal purposes.

The trademarks of Schulz Compressores can only be used with prior and express written authorization.

Schulz Compressores reserves the right to add, erase or modify its Terms of Use or its site, subsite or landing pages contents at any time, regardless of prior notice. Furthermore, Schulz Compressores may close the website or any area thereof when the company deems it appropriate, without prior notification or permission.


The personal information provided or collected on the website will only be used in accordance with the Schulz Compressores Privacy Policy  available on this very website.


The information published by Schulz Compressores on the internet may contain references or cross references to products and service neither announced nor available in the user’s country. Such references do not mean that Schulz Compressores intends to announce or make these products available in the user’s country.

The user shall ask the commercial contact of Schulz Compressores of the region concerned or contact through the “Contact” channel on this very website.


Schulz Compressores does not aim to receive neither confidential nor copyright protected information of the user by browsing on the website.

Schulz Compressores will not disclose the user’s name or the fact that the user has submitted materials or other information to the company, unless: (1) Schulz Compressores obtains user’s permission to use the user’s name; (2) Schulz Compressores notifies the user that the materials or the information submitted to a specific part of this site will be published or used with the user’s name in it, or; (3) Schulz Compressores is obliged by law to do so.

In case of any doubts concerning personal data, the user shall consult the Schulz Compressores Privacy Policy available in this very website.


This site may provide links or references to websites and resources that do not belong to Schulz Compressores.

Schulz Compressores does not make declarations, offer any guarantees nor other commitments such as endorsements or confirmations of any kind concerning websites that are not owned by the company, including third parties’ resources that may be referenced, linked to or accessed through any of its sites.

Furthermore, the company is not responsible for any transactions that the user may eventually carry out with third parties from a site of Schulz Compressores, even if the user knows these third parties or access them through links available on Schulz Compressores websites.

When accessing third-party websites, including the ones that occasionally shows Schulz Compressores logo, the user comprehends that those sites are independent from Schulz Compressores, which has no control over them.

In order to protect its information, the user must take precautions to avoid computer virus, worms, trojan horse and other potentially destructive computer programs.


Schulz Compressores only allows links and pages to be linked to this website when they do not: (1) create frames around any page of this site or use other techniques which alter in some way the visual presentation or appearance of the site’s contents; (2) misrepresent the user’s relationship with Schulz Compressores; (3) imply Schulz Compressores approval or endorsement of the users, their website(s), service(s) or product(s), or; (4) present false or deceptive impressions that may harm the good reputation associated with the name and the trademarks of Schulz Compressores.

Furthermore, in order to have permission to connect to this website, the user agrees that Schulz Compressores may, at any time and in its sole discretion, terminate the permission to connect to it. In that case, the user agrees to immediately remove all links to this site and cease any use related to Schulz Compressores’ trademarks.


Schulz Compressores will make every effort to maintain the availability and security of this website using technologies and security procedures to protect information against loss, theft, as well as unauthorized access, use and changes. On the other hand, this commitment does not have the power to fully remove risks inherent in online environment interactions, such as, for example, attacks perpetrated by hackers.

Therefore, users are aware and agree that damages and losses occurred as a result of their own acts are their entire and exclusive responsibility. Considering Schulz Compressores efforts to mitigate risks, harmful conduct practiced by third parties such as hackers will be considered unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.

Furthermore, over time this website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Hence, Schulz Compressores does not guarantee the information posted accuracy. It is up to users to confirm the access to/interaction with the website updated pages, as well as the information accuracy and integrity before using it to make decisions about services, products or others matters described.

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September, 2022