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Schulz celebrates 55 years!

12/06/2018 - Press

Today, June 12th, Schulz celebrates its 55th anniversary! Belief in growth as a practice is reason for the trajectory of the company, as is the commitment of each employee. Today Schulz stands out in the national and international landscape as one of the most important suppliers of air compressors in the world.

This date is more than a milestone in the history of Schulz, as only solid companies with a vision of the future manage to arrive where the company is today.

The result of this conquest is due to the admiration and respect gained over the years owing to the tradition and quality of its products, known in the market for the strength and reliability which they offer.

And it is innovating every day that the company expects to continue satisfying its customers with products increasingly modern and efficient demanded by the professional, industrial and residential markets. Schulz, evolution is in the air!

To know more about this trajectory of success, see a little of the history of Schulz at www.schulzamerica.com.