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Schulz, 60 years moved by evolution

12/06/2023 - Schulz birthday

We feel extremely satisfied and proud to be able to say that, in these 60 years of history, evolution has always been with us.

From the small home factory in Heinz Schulz’s backyard, where the company started, to the plants Schulz owns today. There are units in Joinville (SC), São Paulo (SP), and beyond the borders of Brazil, in the United States, Canada, Sweden, France, and China.

The early years of the small metalworking company that became a world-class company

On June 12, 1963, Heinz Schulz created Metalúrgica Schulz, together with a group of relatives and friends, as well as the current CEO of Schulz, Ovandi Rosenstock, starting with 26 employees. First, the company’s operations were focused on the manufacturing of castings for the agricultural sector and bench lathes.

In the 1970s, with Ovandi in charge of product marketing, the company identified the trend that represents one of the eminent milestones in its history: the start of production of reciprocating air compressors. “O Bom” (“The Good One”) is the name of the first compressor in the line.

The plant then needed to evolve in an exceptional way to keep up with the growth in sales. Thus, Schulz built its industrial facilities in the Industrial District of Joinville (SC), leaving the old headquarters on Paraíba Street.

Innovation made Schulz evolve and multiply

Schulz Compressors was founded in 1972 and soon stood out as a global supplier of compressed air solutions. After eight years, it became the absolute leader in the Brazilian air compressor market. In the same decade it also became the leader in Latin America, a position it holds to this day.

By always being in motion, on a path of evolution and innovation, in 1980 the company entered a new market.

Thus, the Schulz Automotive division was created, and quickly gained recognition as a worldwide supplier of parts for the sector, serving the main OEM companies of heavy vehicles, agricultural machines, construction equipment, and wind turbines. Today it is also considered the largest foundry with integrated machining, painting, and assembly in South America.

Growth that has taken different directions around the world

The evolution of the two divisions, Compressors and Automotive, led Schulz to embrace yet another challenge: taking the brand’s innovative products and high quality to new markets.

Therefore, we have expanded with new units: partner distribution centers and branches in Joinville and São Paulo in Brazil; in Atlanta, Acworth, Chesapeake, and Des Moines in the United States; in Montreal, Canada; in Gothenburg, Sweden; in Bourg-en-Bresse and Grentheville, France; and, finally, in Shanghai, China.

Also, in Joinville, we have the Schulz Store, the brand’s concept store, the Schulz Lab, an innovation environment that integrates the Ágora Tech Park ecosystem, and the modern Test Lab at Ágora MOB, located in the city’s largest technological hub. Focused on testing air compressors and other products, the laboratory contributes to the development of the academic community and promotes gains in the performance of Schulz products.

Our industrial park is large and modern: it has more than 3,460 million square feet with more than 325,000 square feet of buildings. Schulz’s fascinating expansion is the result of the work of more than 25,000 people who have built this history over these 60 years. Today, the company has more than 3,500 employees.

Initiatives that value people and the environment

Schulz is made by people who give their best effort daily so that the company can grow with them. Hence, it gives back by committing to the personal and professional development of each one of them through internal training, qualification, and development programs, such as the Schulz School of Corporate Education. This way, we evolve together to ensure the continuous improvement of our processes and products.

Our socio-environmental responsibility is another factor that makes us evolve constantly, with initiatives that value the environment and life. After all, taking care of people and nature is just as important as reaching goals and deadlines.

Among our projects, we have recycling and reuse of waste – “Zero Waste to Landfill“, implemented by the two divisions: Schulz Compressors and Schulz Automotive – and the rainwater collection system, which promotes the use of millions of liters in industrial processes. Moreover, there is a project that reduces electricity consumption and increases the energy efficiency of products called “Life Cycle Assessment” and the Reverse Logistics of products and packaging, both from Schulz Compressors.

Environmental awareness is with us even in the acquisition of raw materials, which involves the evaluation of their impacts on the world and the selection of suppliers that comply with environmental legislation.

Inside the industrial park, we have the Botanical Garden and the ecological trail, located in the Atlantic Forest, with centennial trees and a belvedere with a panoramic view. The entire space is decorated by reusing company waste, such as pallets, tires, cans, barrels, wooden coils, and vases – avoiding the disposal of these materials.

In addition, Schulz is a signatory to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is a United Nations (UN) initiative that contributes to a better world; socially inclusive, environmentally responsible, and economically balanced.

Another highlight is PertenSer, A Program for Everyone. Through it, Schulz strengthens community development in relation to the inclusion of people with disabilities (PwD) and diversity.

An inspiring and acclaimed story for 60 years

The innovation and technology of Schulz, driven by our team, brought the first recognition in 1982: the Top Five Award. The company has been the top-of-mind brand for 29 consecutive times in the categories “Air Compressors” and “Piston Compressors”.

The list of recognitions involves dozens of achievements. For example, the CNI awards in design, technology, and innovation; the Finep awards in the same categories; and the Sesi award for Quality of Work for the Training School. In addition, we must highlight our presence among Exame Magazine’s Biggest & Best in several editions, as well as the ADVB/SC Top of Marketing and Sales, received the last three years by Schulz Compressors.

Schulz Automotive has been recognized as Volvo’s Best Casting Supplier; received the Innovation Award from John Deere, being the only company outside the United States to win this award. Finally, it received the Supplier of the Year, John Deere Partner, and John Deere Best Global Supplier 2021 awards.

Everything we have achieved so far is a result of the challenges and expectations we have overcome during these 60 years of providing the Schulz high quality and reliability to more than 70 countries.