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Screw Compressors

SRP 5000 Flex

Smart, affordable and efficient. The SRP 5000 Flex line brings together the most advanced screw compressor technology with a reduction in energy consumption by up to 50%. Available from 30 to 100 hp, it has a permanent magnet motor with IE4 efficiency and does not require preventive maintenance. The frequency inverter adjusts the air production according to the factory’s demand and reduces pressure fluctuations in the network. In addition, Smartflex technology guarantees extra flow in times of high demand and maintains pressure stability. Designed to operate 24 hours a day, with no starting limits or current spikes, they are equipped with intelligent sensors that indicate the exact time for changing filters, reducing energy consumption and minimizing failures. The new 7” Control-E touch screen controller continuously monitors machine parameters, signals and stores events, as well as allowing remote or local start-up. Choose one of the SRP 5000 Flex Line options to make your industry more productive and competitive.

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Dados Técnicos
Modelo SRP 5030E FLEX SRP 5030E FLEX SRP 5050E FLEX SRP 5050E FLEX
Nível de Ruído (dBA) 70 70 71 71
Volume do Reservatório de Ar (L) 120 120 - -
Conexão de Descarga (pol.) 1? 1? 1 1/2? 1 1/2?
Potência do motor (hp) 30 30 50 50
Código 970.4195-0 970.4196-0 970.4197-0 970.4198-0