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P10120HW40X-3 Premium

Piston Compressors

P10120HW40X-3 Premium

Premium Line compressors offer quality compressed air with convenience and safety. Due to the use of a mounted belt guard after cooler, the tank’s outlet temperature is lower, reducing costs relative to the installation of air dryers. The presence of oil level sensors and an automatic tank moisture drain ensure high quality and reliable downstream system performance. The ASME certified tank and UL certified starter components also ensures also the safety of the air compressor. Choose your model ready for use.

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Dados Técnicos
Código 932.9344-P
Deslocamento teórico (pcm) 40
Nº de Polos 2
Potência do motor (hp) 10
Pressão de Operação Máxima (lbf/pol²) 175
Tensão (V) 208-230/460
Unidade Compressora - Nº de Estágios Two Stages
Unidade Compressora - Nº de Pistões 3-W
Volume do Reservatório de Ar (L) 120 - Horizontal