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Compressor Pumps

Max MSL 18

The lubricated compressor pumps of Schulz are versatile and strong. With slotted mounting feet, they can be easily used for assembly on air tanks or as replacement pumps for competitive brands. Produced in cast iron, they ensure reliability and durability for professional and industrial applications. Pumps are available with flows of 5.2 to 80 cfm (cubic feet/min). To facilitate assembly, pumps are supplied with flywheel and metal intake silencers.

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Dados Técnicos
Código 931.8095-0
Deslocamento teórico (pcm) 18
Potência do motor (hp) 4
Potência do motor (kW) 3
Pressão de Operação Máxima (bar) 9.7
Pressão de Operação Máxima (lbf/pol²) 140
Unidade Compressora - Nº de Estágios 1
Unidade Compressora - Nº de Pistões 2-L