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Piston Compressors


The in line L-series compressors are strong, durable equipment with distinguished performance. With vertical or horizontal tank design, these single and two stage products operate with low RPMs with a high-quality cast iron block. The double-supported crankshaft design provides lower vibration and longer bearing life, as well as the modern valve system (reed type) provides extended service life and excellent product efficiency. Mounted and wired magnetic starters, provide convenience and safety in operation with a ready to use system. The ASME certified safety valve and air tank as well as high efficiency motors make Heavy Duty L-Series compressors the best choice for your company.

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Dados Técnicos
Código 932.9327-0
Deslocamento teórico (pcm) 40
Potência do motor (hp) 10
Pressão de Operação Máxima (lbf/pol²) 175
Tensão (V) 208-230/460
Unidade Compressora - Nº de Estágios Two Stages
Unidade Compressora - Nº de Pistões 2-L
Volume do Reservatório de Ar (L) 120 - Horizontal