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Piston Compressors

15120HW60-3 variable speed

Oil-Less Flex Compressor line is the only piston compressor with frequency drive, a technology that allows controlling the air flow according to use, keeping the pressure stable during the process and guaranteeing extra flow in times of high demand. These products offer performance and energy savings for clinical and laboratory environments such as hospitals and medical and dental offices, as well as industrial activities with critical processes. Oil-Less Flex Compressors have air reservoirs with antibacterial internal paint, ensuring durability and safety. Choose the best product to support your business.

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Dados Técnicos
Código 934.7485-0
Deslocamento teórico (pcm) 60
Deslocamento teórico (l/m) 1,699
Potência do motor (hp) 15
Potência do motor (kW) 11
Pressão de Operação Máxima (bar) 8.3
Pressão de Operação Máxima (lbf/pol²) 120
Pressão de Operação Mínima (bar) 5.5
Pressão de Operação Mínima (lbf/pol²) 80
Unidade Compressora - Nº de Estágios 2
Unidade Compressora - Nº de Pistões 3-W
Volume do Reservatório de Ar (L) 417