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Our History

Our History

Schulz S.A. is a business enjoying rapid and constant growth with non-stop momentum. Beginning as a small foundry in 1963 Schulz S.A. became a leading producer of air compressors and automotive components. Currently, they are present in more than 70 countries on all continents.

With headquarters in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Schulz S.A. is divided into two business units, the Compressor and Automotive divisions.

Since 1980 the Automotive Division began providing components to the global market for heavy commercial vehicles, agricultural machines and tools as well as construction equipment. Their product line includes: suspension systems, axle housings, transmission and differentials, covers, motor mounts, brake components, wheel hubs, brake shoes, fifth wheel blocks and pedestals among other components. Schulz Automotive, by maintaining a constant focus on customer satisfaction, has succeeded in maintaining positive results without compromising sustainability. Client satisfaction is achieved by combining advanced technology with a team of qualified personnel to support the entire process in all markets.

The Compressor Division began their activities in 1972 with the production of air compressors. A decade later they had already gained the lead in Brazilian and Latin American markets.

Aiming to give better support to their clients, Schulz has branches in Frankfurt, Germany and Atlanta in the United States as well as some bonded warehouses in Europe and the United Sates.

• Timeline

› 1960

A story of success and entrepreneurship began in June of 1963. Founded on June 12, 1963, on Paraíba Street, Metalúrgica Schulz S.A. (Schulz Metallurgy S.A.) had only 26 employees. They manufactured their own product line which included a vise - the first product manufactured and launched in November of 1963 – and parts cast for agricultural machinery and for businesses in the region.

› 1970

One of the turning points in Schulz's history happened in November of 1972 when they started production of air compressors offering two models: 1 and 2 HP.

Some years later, in 1978, the company initiated the foundry operations in their new unit in the Distrito Industrial de Joinville (SC) (Industrial District of Joinville).

A major step forward to modernizing production happened when the foundry began to operate in new, modern facilities that had electric arc furnace smelting, but which later evolved to electric induction smelting. At the same time Schulz began producing parts for their automotive sector with the supply of smooth and rifled cubes.

› 1980

In the 80's, Schulz took the lead of not only the Brazilian market for air compressors but that of all Latin America.

1982 began the export of the piston and diaphragm air compressors line.

› 1990

In 1991 Schulz initiated the production of screw compressors, becoming the only factory in Brazil to produce and commercialize these products.

In 1993 the company began supplying cast and machine tooled components in the Automotive Division.

On October 20, 1994, they acquired equity control of Wayne Wetzel Tecnomecânica S.A., the manufacturer of Wayne brand compressors.

In December 1994, in order to guarantee targeted growth, Schulz went public to increase their shareholder base and began trading shares at Bovespa under the trading name: Schulz S.A.

The administrative sector started operating from the new plant in the Industrial District deactivating the factory on Paraíba Street.

In 1999 Schulz of America (SOA) was inaugurated in Atlanta, United States, aiming to increase the business of air compressors in this important market.

› 2000

In the beginning of 2000 Schulz acquired a modern and ecologically sound painting system for their cast and machine tooled components, aiming to offer clients higher value products.

• Certifications

Compressor Division:

a) ISO 9001:2000

b) ASME for pressure valves that enabled complete compressors to be exported to the USA and Canada;

c) UL that enabled compressors to be exported to the USA and Canada;

d) IRAM, that enabled exports to Argentina;

e) CE that allowed products to be marketed to Europe.

Automotive Division:

a) ISO 9001.2008;

b) ISO TS 16.949 – 3rd Edition;

c) ISO 14.001.2004.

• Key Events

- Implementation of the Schulz Production System (SPS) based on the Lean Manufacturing philosophy;

- Marketing pneumatic tools, increasing the mix of solutions in compressed air;

- Launching of a complete line of screw compressors of variable speed. Higher technology in favor of saving energy;

- European branch in Frankfurt (Germany);

- Schulz launched, for their screw compressors line, new air compressor regulator technology to reduce energy required to compress air;

- Branch in João Pessoa-PB which aims to become a distribution center for Northeast Brazil.

• Present

Acquiring equity control of Somar S.A. provided greater synergy between the two product lines, Somar and Schulz, further strengthening the company's growth in a market in which it was not yet active.

The Jundiaí-SP branch is opened to become a distribution center for São Paulo, allowing greater proximity to the small and big clients of the state.

Schulz S.A. continues with a strong and competitive presence in the global market, capable of offering automotive parts in semi-finished, machine tooled, or painted and fully assembled conditions as well as a vast line of air compressors for domestic, hobby, professional and industrial use to include a range of accessories.

With consideration to the planet's sustainability, Schulz S.A. develops products in accordance with the Kyoto and Montreal protocol, applying all security and quality standards in order to guarantee product compliance in all markets in which they operate.


Schulz air compressors are built with the latest technologies and specifications. For more than 50 years, Schulz has been producing solutions that drive the market to continuous technological advancements. As one of the largest manufacturers of air compressors in the world, Schulz has a highly skilled research and development department that is always striving for the latest innovations in compressed air technology.