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About – Schulz

With more than 40 years in the market, Schulz is in constant improvement, using the state of the art to achieve the level of competitiveness requested by the market. In the beginning, its activities were concentrated on the foundry area and, in 1972, Schulz started manufacturing air compressors. At first, there were only two compressors models that soon would turn into the largest and most complete line produced in Brazil. In 1984, Schulz products were available throughout the whole of Latin America, Central America and the USA.

Following its strategic development plan, in 1989 Schulz had started the production of rotary screw compressors, competing in this market with the biggest worldwide companies.

In 1999 the Schulz of America, Inc was created, in Atlanta, Georgia, with a warehouse, sales and technical personnel who were trained at the head office, definitively conquering its share on the North American.

Currently, the company possesses a modern industrial unit, with more than 667,000 ft of built-up area, where it develops diaphragm, reciprocating and rotary screw compressors. Improving continuously, perfecting processes and investing in their staff development.

Approved by the most demanding international quality certification authorities, it is conquering important markets. Today Schulz is present in more than 60 countries, which reaffirms the excellence and the high technological standards of their products.

History / Timeline


Founded on Dune 12, 1963, by Heinz Schulz plus e croup offriends and entrepreneurs, Schulz was born as small metellurgical company with 26 employees. He started manufacturing castings for agricultural line and bench Iathes (walruses), his first product of his own. The first sales car used by Chief Executive Officer Ovandi Rosenstock was a VW Variant, used to prospect the line of bench Iathes and eir compressors of 1/2 and 1 hp, in the markets of
Curitiba (PR) and Sáo Paulo (SP).


In November 1972, it began the production of compressed air compressors. “The BOM” was available in the powers of 1/2 and 1 hp. In 1978, the company began the operations of the foundry in its new unit in the Industrial District of Joinville (SC).


In the 80’s and business became leader in the Brazilian market of air compressors and also throughout Latin America. As a product milestone, Schulz launched PRODICILJS, the first compressor for residential applications in the Brazilian market. In 1982 and company received the first prize Top Five of NEL Magazine In 1988 was the launch of the compressor -let Master, who would become the champion of sales of the following decades.


In 1991, the company started the production of screw compressors, being the only truly Brazilian company to produce these compressors. In 1994, the company opened the capital and acquired control of Tecnomecânica, producer of the Wayne / Wetzel compressors. In 1999, and company opened and Schulz of America in Atlanta, USA.


This was the decade that proved the quality and tradition of the Schulz brand. In 2004, the company started and produced the compressors of the Bravo line, and in 2009 it had the shareholding of Somar SA. Several national awards were won: CNI Award (2006), TOP Export ADV (2004 to 2007), Finep Award and Idea Brazil Award (2009). Not counting the certifications won.


The company has won and CE certification for the dental line and started to produce portable rotary diesel compressors in 2010 The world expansion continued with and opening of the representative office in China, Shanghai (2010). In 2013, when it was 50 years old, a Stock Distribution Center with 12.9 thousand m2 was inaugurated at its subsidiary in Joinville (SC). In 2016 the company obtained new certification from Inmetro for its air reservoirs. In 2017 two other relevant facts: company opened its compressor plant in Shanghai (China) and started and operation of Schulz Compressors.